Updating google desktop

04-Oct-2020 00:51

The kubelet will authenticate to GCR using the instance’s Google service account.

The service account on the instance will have a ) in the Pod definition.

It should also work with Opera and other browsers supporting userscripts, but these are far less tested. Although it is possible to install userscripts directly as extensions, the recommended method is to use Tampermonkey.

Once Tampermonkey is installed, click on the "Download" button below and follow the instructions. Once installed, click the "Download" then "Install" on the dialog.

), so it is not recommended except for low resolution screens. Use the 'highlighter-uniques' plugin to show the uniques on the map, and 'sync' to share between multiple browsers or desktop/mobile.

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Some details may not be available if the linked portal is not in the current view.

Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal is unclaimed with no recent activity.

Check your browser documentation for details on installing userscripts.

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If IITC is already installed, it's easy to update in most cases: Open the Tampermonkey menu and choose "Check for userscript updates".If you have a lot of plugins, or other scripts installed, this can be a little slow.