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This is the time zone that is used implicitly when the user does not specify one.

ICU attempts to match this to the host OS time zone.

ICU derives its tz data from the IANA Time Zone Database.

The ICU project publishes updated timezone resource data in response to IANA updates, and these can be used to patch existing ICU installations.

Also, The XDS200 standalone JTAG debug probe can be purchased from the TI store.

The XDS200 supports our Stellaris, C2000, Hercules, Sitara, C66xx, C64x , C674x, C55xx, C54xx, Da Vinci and OMAP.

The user may obtain a clone of the default time zone by calling Furthermore, each of these names may be LONG or SHORT.

The SHORT form is typically an abbreviation, e.g., "PST", "PDT".

We use the two terms interchangeably in ICU since ICU does not concern itself with either leap seconds or historical behavior.) Using this system, Pacific Time is expressed as GMT-, or GMT- in the summer.The XDS200 is available as a standalone debug probe (check section 3 below) or can be embedded on a development card (DSK, EVM, etc.). The Texas Instruments' reference design for XDS200-class has the following features (Please check your vendor for hardware details): There are some XDS200 products on the market from both Spectrum Digital and Blackhawk.

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