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On 6 January 2006, Odgaard released Text Mate 1.5, the first “stable release” since 1.0.2. On 8 August 2006, Text Mate was awarded the Apple Design Award for Best Developer Tool, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, to “raucous applause.” In February 2006, the Text Mate blog expressed intentions for future directions, including improved project management, with a plug-in system to support remote file systems such as FTP, and revision control systems such as Subversion.

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Text Mate language grammars, snippets, macros, commands, and templates can be grouped into “bundles” of functionality.

This project was forked from a simpler version by Matt Petrowsky. You can access that in the bundle menu or in the support folder.

His bundle was a simplification of the original bundle by Charles Ross. Sublime Text users, see my File Maker project instead.

At their simplest, Text Mate “snippets” are pieces of text which can be inserted into the document at the current location via a context-sensitive key stroke or tab completion.

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Snippets are "intelligent", supporting "tab stops" dynamic updating, access to environment variables, and the ability to run inline scripts. Tab stops can be cycled through using the “tab” key and support default text, drop-downs, to complete elements of the snippet.For instance, the title of one of the links in the “External links” section has the scope: This scope tells us that we are looking at a link title within a link within a list within a Media Wiki document.