Us sedating dangerous prisoners

05-May-2020 03:22

A 2008 University of Ottawa study warned the drug had been misused in female prisons and jails for years. "Gradual withdrawal over a period of at least one to two weeks is advisable."Jennifer Kilty, a professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa and the author of the 2008 study, said the memo proves the powerful drug was being used improperly, something she has long suspected."I would hope that when this story breaks that it's going to anger Canadian citizens and there will be backlash," Kilty said.

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"When you start to see side effects where the women are experiencing sedation, fatigue, drowsiness — you are seeing these drugs as a way to really calm a population."Kilty said shrinking resources and growing prison populations are leaving correctional staff with fewer options to manage prisoners.

The investigation also found a dramatic spike over the last decade in prescriptions for all mood-altering medications among female prisoners, according to previously unpublished statistics.

The revelations have led Canada’s prison watchdog to investigate prescribing practices at Correctional Service Canada.

In a response to a question, Health Canada sent a statement Monday saying it "has not received any complaint regarding the off-label advertising of Seroquel in Canada.

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However, should we become aware of such off-label promotion activities, necessary actions will be taken to protect the health and safety of Canadians," the department said in an email.

"Another explanation is that drugs are being used in a way that perhaps is inappropriate.""Are we seeing drugs being used to somehow sedate or subdue people when that's not really the therapeutic intent of the medication? "I can tell you we are concerned if we find medications are being used off-label….