Validating date in textbox in asp net

12-Aug-2020 02:49

Themes are included images and skin files; the skin files set the visual properties of ASP. Themes are of two types: Page Theme A Page theme contains the control skins, style sheets, graphic files, and other resources inside the subfolder of the App_Theme folder in the Solution Explorer window.

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Ajax stands for Asynchronous Java Script and XML; in other words Ajax is the combination of various technologies such as a Java Script, CSS, XHTML, DOM, etc.AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes.This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the entire page.The settings are stored in XML files that are separate from your application code.

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In this way you can configure settings independently from your code.

NET Web Forms pattern for creating web applications. NET MVC Framework is a lightweight, highly testable presentation framework that (as with Web Forms-based applications) is integrated with existing ASP. It's the better as well as a recommended approach for large-scale applications where various teams are working together. NET MVC framework offers the following advantages: Answer: Cookies are a State Management Technique that can store the values of control after a post-back.

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