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When you and your spouse agree to legally separate, you can use a Marriage Separation Agreement to settle how your property, assets, debts and child custody are handled.We'll walk you through creating a Marriage Separation Agreement so you can move ahead.In the state of Tennessee, you may file for a legal separation if you feel that there are sufficient grounds for divorce but you are not ready to legally terminate your marriage.Legal separation will not change your marital status but will allow you as a married couple to occupy separate residences.Include your full names, mailing addresses, date of birth and birth place, social security numbers, names and social security numbers of yourself, your spouse, and any minor children or children born during marriage.You must also provide the court with information on your previous marriages, as well as the race or ethnicity of you and your spouse.Although there are additional steps to take to divorce, the Marriage Separation Agreement can function as a legally binding contract between the spouses.Some states require that you file your Marriage Separation Agreement with the court seeking legal approval of its terms in order for the Agreement to be enforceable.

You can also file on the basis of "irreconcilable differences," which is Tennessee's version of a no-fault separation.These temporary injunctions will stop you doing anything detrimental to your spouse in regards to marital assets, property, insurance premiums, behavior, children, residency, and evidence.If you have no children, the court can rule on your case 60 days after you file; otherwise the wait period is 90 days.Both parties must sign the Agreement in front of a notary public.

Each spouse should retain a copy of the signed agreement.Whether a Marriage Separation Agreement is legally binding depends on the laws of the state in which you lived during the marriage. However, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Texas do not recognize legal separation.

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