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I'm by far a better woman and wife for it, and you're better off too, if you could only see it." "I believe you didn't set out to hurt me. What I told you this morning is the truth." "Really, Avril? You gave permission beforehand; I was never even asked. How many of the promises you made to me, did you break for him?

You just didn't care; at least not enough to not do it. You were invited into their affair; I was kept on the outside." "You must believe, I thought you knew, and that you approved." "Why did you think that? It was never the other way around, not once in twenty years, was it?

No pounding on the door with 'we need to talk,' no ambushes on the balcony," I looked pointedly at Avril. I could see Avril bite back an angry retort before she replied softly.

"We live separately." "I guess that's fair, but Rob, we can't go on like this forever. Maybe can we, just for a while, try to pretend this didn't happen? "Well, I do think that would be best, for everyone." Karen looked at me pointedly as she said 'everyone.' "All right then, it didn't happen." Both women looked at me wide-eyed. "It didn't 'happen,'" I used air-quotes, "because you did it. "Please believe, I understand your hurt and your anger. "I see." So Karen had manipulated Avril as well as me, to maintain the illusion of her perfect love story. You both say Karen has always loved me, and still does.

Maybe just until January, while we work on the exhibition, then we can go for marriage counseling or something? You hope after I've pretended for a few months, I'll be over my hurt feelings and will have convinced myself your affair doesn't matter, and we won't even need counseling. " I was surprised to hear myself reacting as decisively as if I were on the flight deck. Choice after choice, lie after lie, year after year, you did it." "Rob, I didn't do any of this to hurt you, and I never stopped loving you. It kills me to see you hurting so badly, and to hear you screaming in your sleep. I do, but there is only one way out of your pain, and that is love. I think that's true, but it is also true that from the very first, Karen's lover displaced me in her heart." Both women denied it loudly; I waited for them to quiet down.

" For one of the first times I could remember, I challenged something Karen said. I'll do almost anything to help you, but I can't apologize for loving Philippe, nor wish it hadn't happened, because I won't lie to you any longer. Your beautiful wife, and I too, will help you if you will let us. Yes, our spouses had an affair, but you were told the truth; I was lied to and deceived. "Karen, how many hundred, or thousand, lies did you tell me so you could be with Philippe?

The tale is well-written, and the characters keep the readers' interest, but the decades-long betrayal followed by near-painless polyamorous reconciliation evoked vehement reactions. She had never called me that before; I'd never seen her that angry. The military had issued us a grant to find and fix the problems. Something's on your mind and you're only half here. "Rob and I are going to lunch, we'll be back sometime," she announced to the room at large. Something heavy banged onto the floor, the sound echoing in the rafters. " I grinned at what my team must be thinking about their married, never-stop-for-lunch leader heading out for a long lunch with his beautiful lesbian PA. " I could see how close they'd become, so that made some sense, but what did it have to do with my staying married to Karen?Still, she couldn't deny that my staying married to Karen would work out very nicely for her. If you had, you would look on your beautiful wife with love, not this face you make now." I shrugged and waited for what I was pretty sure was coming. All you need to do is accept who she is, accept what she has done out of love." That one was so easy, even I could handle it without thinking. I want her to live here while we work on it together.After I ate and cleaned up my dishes, I went downstairs to the living room. If that hurts you, I'm sorry, but Avril needs this, and it's what I want to do." A quote from Robert Heinlein popped into my head: "Women and cats will do as they please; men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." I knew how he felt.I think that might be even worse." Karen was about to reply, when Avril interrupted. " "Rob, I always came home to you, and I always will." I shook my head.

"You came home to me, secure in the knowledge you would soon leave me again for him.

I'm attracted to you, and I don't even play for your team." This was news. She didn't put up much of a fight the first time, and she didn't fight at all the second.

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