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29-Jan-2020 10:11

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“Throuples may consist of three men, three women, or a mixture of genders.” “To be clear, a threesome is a purely sexual encounter involving three individuals,” she elaborates.

“Two of them may be in a more committed long-term relationship with one another, or all three may just be - ahem - coming together to enjoy some casual fun, but in either case the emphasis in a threesome is primarily on erotic pleasure.

he explained that actually your personality could change once you get married.

Apparently, this is because it's such a major life event, you end up adapting to "partnered life".

This, they reckon, is become female-identifying partners learned to become more assertive.

Neuroticism The male-identifying participants became a little bit more emotionally stable, but it was their partners that became much less neurotic and more stable.

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