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13-Dec-2020 06:41

He laughed at my silliness and I fell in love with a boy whose family came from a place called Chile.“Puppy Dog” eyes is what the teacher would say as he would pout at her, as he did when he hoped to get a pass for incomplete homework, and it sometimes worked.Brown, liquid, eyes, hovered beneath dark eye lashes and full dimples in his cheek when he smiled.Since I don’t recall anything Earth shattering as I write this now, I presume life moved on after the coloring book incident, and I survived second grade without too much of a hitch.Jessie taught me that no matter what you give a man, or how good your intentions are, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna take what you give and do good things with it.His lack of imagination and dark side tendencies were evident early on, but I digress.He’s still very attractive, unmarried, and………….where was I?My hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey is a cultural melting pot, known as a ‘stuck’ town, consisting of newly arriving migrant people who end up finding jobs and never leaving.My childhood coincided with the influx of arrivals coming from Puerto Rico that occurred during 1960-1980.

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I felt bad to see him cry that day, and I attempted to cheer him up by taking my braids and tying them under my chin into a bow and crossing my eyes at him.I didn’t expect him to burst out in tears and get more emotional over his hurting me than I was over the shiner he gave me under my eye.“I didn’t mean to hurt ….” was all that I could make out in between his sniffles and snot bubbles. boys sometimes don’t know their own strength and they hurt girls unintentionally due to their own ignorance.