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The opening sequence takes place in the wizard lair at the Russo home.

Footage of Alex (Selena Gomez) and Justin Russo (David Henrie) is shown in the Crystal replay ball from the season premiere "Alex Tells the World".

Justin is also ordered to attend because he exposed magic to Agent Lamwood, who was a creation from Professor Crumbs' mind.

The judges rule Alex and Justin guilty, and Professor Crumbs sentences them both to be demoted to level one in the Family Wizard Competition, making them behind Max by two levels.

She ends up making Alex jealous when their father prefers Maxine over Alex. In the episode "Everything's Rosie for Justin", Justin falls in love with Rosie, a guardian angel, but at the end of "Dancing with Angels" she becomes an Angel of Darkness.

In "Zeke Finds Out", the Russos finally reveal to Zeke that they are wizards.

As she urges them to spread the word, Professor Crumbs appears and tells her that everything that had happened was a test that she failed miserably and orders her to Wizard Court for exposing wizardry to the world.

Meanwhile, Max sets up traps in the Sub Station for the "government", but ends up falling for one of them.

Special guest star: Gregg Sulkin as Mason Guest star: Ian Abercrombie as Professor Crumbs Alex decides to give up the wizard competition to spend more time with Mason and thinks that it does not matter since Max is all the way in the lead, but Chancellor Tootietootie tells Alex that non-wizards and werewolves cannot date, because the werewolf always eats the human.

In "Wizard of the Year", Alex is crowned Wizard of the Year for saving the world from the angels of darkness, and is reinstated in the Wizards Competition.

In "Justin's Back In", Justin is reinstated in the Wizard Competition, after his class of delinquent wizards passes.Meanwhile, Alex's relationship with Mason is jeopardized again when a beast tamer, Chase Riprock, falls in love with Alex and Mason gets jealous. Alex, Justin and Max then save the world from being destroyed by an asteroid.

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