Who is jeana dating

18-Mar-2020 07:49

To support his young family, Jared gets in over his head working at a used car lot.Amanda is involved in a love triangle with Brock and a new suitor.Tensions flare in Amanda's trailer, forcing her roommates to spend the night under the stars.

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It's time for Myrtle Manor's "Chicken Bog" cook-off but things take a turn for the worse when someone wreaks havoc.And the park buzzes with speculation as Bandit might be dating a familiar foe to Myrtle Manor.Bandit's dirty little secret is out and Becky is livid.Jared and Chelsey think they're ready to start a family.

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Everyone celebrates Anne's cancer remission in true trailer park fashion.Jared starts to think about getting a better paying job in order to continue his growing relationship with Chelsey.