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He also mentioned his mother, who taught him how to make tamales. was the father of Sami's baby, but went along with Sami's plan to hide Grace's paternity.

Rafe was one of the few people who knew that Sami was pregnant while in witness protection. After the stint in witness protection was over, Rafe wasn't ready to leave Sami and Grace behind.

There was also "Hughes Air West", which flew these ugly yellow jetliners out of Orange County also.

detective for the Salem PD (August 2015 to present) Former manager of The Edge (Victor's club) (February 2015 - August 2015) Former detective for the Salem PD (August 2012 to January 2015) ISA Agent (April 30, 2012 to August 2012) Former Parter with Carrie in the Reed-Hernandez Lawfirm (January 4, 2012 - April 12, 2012) Former private investigator for Carrie's law firm (November 3, 2011 - December 23, 2012) Former detective for the Salem Police Department Former temporary commander of the Salem Police Department Former detective for the Salem Police Department Former FBI agent Former construction worker Former FBI agent Formerly worked at a club Somewhere in Salem Formarly Apt.

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It flew out of Orange County International Airport, before they renamed it to John Wayne Airport.

He snuck DNA samples from Sydney and Sami and had them analyzed. Instead of talking to him, she found him passed out and holding a gun. Despite his dedication to the law, Rafe quit the FBI and swore to protect Sami at all costs. A short time later, it was revealed that Johnnys cancer had spread to his remaining eye, but, luckily, it was caught in time and his sight was spared. The imposter was a small-time criminal, Arnold Finegan. Arnold went so far as to sleep with another woman, so Sami would think that Rafe was cheating on her.