Who is ludachris dating

09-May-2020 14:43

1 of 4 Put on blast…Gabrielle Union’s Dating Advice Gets Blasted Gabrielle Union whose marriage to Dwyane Wade is many people’s “goals”, recently got OBLITERATED on Twitter after an interview of hers went viral.

Thus it appears that Ludacris girlfriend and the rapper himself are fine after the incident and nothing bad happened to them, even though the press wanted to make a big deal out of it, so the rapper just mocks them and has posted some videos in order to do this.Since Eudoxie holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Africa, she works hard to manage her charitable endeavours accurately and efficiently on both continents.Eudoxie’s Instagram is chock-full of spiritual images, pictures of her daughter, and the extravagant vacations she enjoys with Ludacris and her family.As we reported, Tamika Fuller lost custody of their 1-year-old daughter back in January.

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She now claims in legal docs she deserves a second bite of the apple because Luda didn't tell hizzoner his new wife is pregnant and he's such a bad parent he's getting a nanny to do the heavy lifting. that a guy who hires a nanny is a bad parent, but she's trying.

When she was a young girl growing up in Gabon, Africa, Eudoxie was the victim of a series of different instances of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the men in her community.

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