Who is wwe edge dating 2016

28-Jan-2020 22:43

According to the legal papers, filed on January 30, the wrestler spent more than ,000 on 'non-necessary' items between December 20, 2017 and January 4, 2018 – despite owing money to his wife.

On the lavish shopping list were visits to strip clubs in Miami and women's swimwear – likely to be for Offerman, the pretty daughter of former Los Angeles Dodgers baseball infielder Jose, 49.

The divorcing pair have now been forced into mediation, with both seen arriving at a family law practice in Tampa, Florida, recently with their legal teams.

Bray Wyatt's estranged wife Samantha Rotunda (pictured together) is accusing the WWE champ of not paying spousal and child support, instead splashing out cash on 'non-necessary' items.

Samantha arrived shortly afterwards and could be seen miserably running a hand across her brow as she made her way inside.

Speaking exclusively to Daily during the session, Samantha's lawyer Ray Rafool, of Miami, Florida, accused the wrestler of having a 'reckless and dangerous mentality' and said he needs to own up to his responsibilities.